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about Maggie Boogaart


The Maggie Miracle. This is how I call it: the Maggie Miracle! Double M, double on Aime! Maggie's teaching and classes are amazing. Once you attend Maggie's class, you are touched by the magic of Maggie and the power of her energy. I learned so much about dance, Martha Graham contemporary technique, body placement, core strength and breath. The more you are present, the more you have a thirst to learn and improve according to the science of dance that Maggie provides. Thank you, Maggie.


One word made the consensus of my friends who came to see us dance Maggie and Ghislain's choreography of The Rite of Spring: energy. If there is one thing that Maggie sought to express in an authentic and unplayed way, it is the energy and strength through the dancers' bodies, the interplay between collective and individual energy. Participating in this choreography forced me to go beyond many limits, to develop strength, resistance, and expressiveness of movement. I learned many things like how to do lifts with my little arms, take risks, dance with others and contribute to a collective energy. Putting into practice my learning of the Graham technique in this choreography allowed me to better understand its richness and what it makes possible.a word also on the collaboration between Maggie and Ghislain, which allowed to create beautiful contrasts of movements and rhythms in the choreography. This dialogue between classical ballet and contemporary Graham is rich and creative! We hope that the Rite will continue, thank you for your generosity and investment! Bravo for this beautiful creation!

Juan Manuel Abellán

Amazing energy and passion. Maggie's classes are a Masterclass for those who loves Dance.
Discover contemporary dance with Graham's technique is a real pleasure and a strong base for all dancers and dance passionate. Excellent dancer, excellent choreographer, excellent teacher and excellent person! Thank you Maggie from all my heart.

Rocio Ramos

Maggie Boogaart's classes are a real treat. El empeño, la energía y las ganas de enseñar se aprecian durante toda la clase. Ella es muy atenta con cada uno de los alumnos y hace correcciones personales (algo que parece evidente pero que no siempre ocurre). Otra de las cosas que me gusta es que Maggie te hace entender las cosas, no quiere enseñarnos únicamente movimientos sino que nos hace reflexionar sobre el origen y el objetivo de cada movimiento, aunque sea un simple 'plié'. Recomiendo muy positivamente los cursos y talleres de técnica Graham.


A little comment about Maggie's floor bar. Currently I have tendonitis and therefore I can't dance... Maggie proposed me to participate in her class floor bar. Gently and without forcing, she adapts the exercises according to the requests, the desires and the small pains of each one. I have tendonitis, another person had back pain, someone had trouble breathing... etc. Maggie concocted for us a class adapted to the needs of each person, it's like a private but collective class ! Very attentive, Maggie allowed me to work with accuracy by listening to my body and I left class with a feeling of well-being... as if she had healed me a little bit. I am therefore delighted and I invite everyone to DARE to come through the door of Maggie's class . DARE, DARE, DARE... COME, COME, COME... and you will return...



Maggie is a generous, sincere and what I appreciate most of all, simple person. She listens to us dancers and 'beings'. A fine person of whom Martha Graham can be proud!


Maggie helped me access the process and benefits of Graham technique as an athlete and a performer. I had taken Graham in the past, but it had never really resonated with me. In Maggie's class, I finally discovered the brilliance of Graham technique and understood how it benefited my body. It still may not be my favorite way to dance, but I can now fully appreciate the beauty and faculty of the technique. Maggie is an inspirational teacher. She not only pushes her students to achieve, she creates in them a desire for perfection. Maggie's classes clear my mind and awaken my soul. She is a truly gifted teacher and performer.


Maggie teaches Graham technique with passion, she listens to each student and pushes us to excel. A pleasure to take these class!

Ségolène Gessa

And God created Maggie! What would we do without such a great teacher? Maggie's class are technical! (one of the most complete I know) and I love it! As she always says, Maggie prepares us for a career as solo dancers, not corps de ballet!!! Maggie is demanding but fair. These class are not meant for resting, we work the whole body without forgetting the mind, the memorization and the 'soul'. With Maggie you become a better dancer and a better person. There is always joy, humor, sharing and humanity in these class. We work hard but the atmosphere is always fun and Maggie is very respectful of her students. Maggie is unique and she makes you understand that you are too (little by little you gain confidence, you let go, you transform yourself and you come out of her class with only one desire: to return! Maggie is a great teacher who pushes you to go beyond your limits! With the Graham technique, I discovered a dance that corresponds to me, a dance that comes from the heart and soul, an organic dance where each movement seems to have something to say, each movement seems to tell a story.
So I have only one thing to say, if you've never taken a class with Maggie, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Maggie, through her encouragement and her tremendous energy in sharing her teaching and love of dance, has given me back the taste for dancing a very demanding dance. I love her dynamic, creative, luminous and humorous teaching methods, which are always attentive to and respectful of the body, and which push me to surpass myself with tremendous joy.

Maya Rutkovska

In the moment where I was about to quit dancing, I met Maggie, and she was the one who introduced me with Graham technique. It was something new and amazing, I felt like dancing again. I took classes with Maggie in Paris for 2 years, I was also dancing in her wonderful choreographies 'Passion' and 'Flammes de Paris'. Thank you Maggie for that great push forward, it is your fault that I am at the Martha Graham School of contemporary dance in NYC now! I love it, but you will always stay my first Graham teacher!


First time doing the Graham technique, and I really enjoyed it !!!! Maggie is a very communicative teacher who makes you want to learn and gives you energy to learn a demanding technique !!! and then to be able to work the repertoire Graham, it's a great experience :)))

Anaïs de Raemy

Maggie Boogaart teaches the Martha Graham technique with passion! Through her professionalism, her high standards, and through this technique, she gives an energy that pushes forward and forces one to go deep inside to find authenticity. Her rigor is expressed with kindness and great respect, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you Maggie for your generosity and your precious advice !!!!

Rafael Molina

I followed Maggie's class from January 2010 to June 2012. At the beginning, I came to live my passion after having stopped dancing for a year. But in the advanced class , Maggie was very demanding and passed on her love of the Graham technique to me. I not only decided to continue dancing professionally but also to go to the Graham School in NYC. Thanks to Maggie's advice, her many pictures at class and her determination, I got a scholarship for the 2011 Summer Intensive after auditioning with the Graham School director. A year later, in September 2012, I joined the Graham School in New York (and then the Junior Company). Maggie brings her energy and enthusiasm every day to the studio and seeks to share the incredible Graham technique with rigor. I thank her and encourage many dancers to follow her class.

Louise Gourvellec

I liked very much all the class of this workshop, very interesting, another look of the dance, a technique that opens us some doors never explored. Thank you for this workshop Maggie and Ghislain! 🙂