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The school

What makes our school unique

PMDS was founded in 2012 by Maggie Boogaart, former international soloist and choreographer, and Ghislain de Compreignac, former soloist classical ballet.

PMDS brings together the teaching of dance classical ballet and contemporary dance and gives them equal value.

class amateurs and a pre-professional training school

The school welcomes amateur children, teenagers and adults, as well as young pre-professionals aged 9 to 21. The same teachers teach both amateurs and pre-professionals, in separate class rooms, guaranteeing amateurs top-quality teaching and detailed explanations that enable them to make real progress.

Our techniques are up-to-date and prepare you to dance with ease and fluidity.

The Balanchine technique brings a significant update to the classical ballet technique, with speed and brilliance. Graham technique is a fundamental foundation for contemporary dance, which we complement for amateurs with release technique and for pre-professionals with Limon and Cunningham techniques.

‍Le Junior Ballet

Junior Ballet is open to students in their 2nd year of the Cycle Supérieur. Some students are allowed to remain in the Cycle Supérieur for a 3rd year, to perfect their stage experience.  

On average, dancers perform once a month on stage in a theater. They explore the repertoire of the best choreographers, and in particular those of the companies they wish to join.

Passion, pleasure, sharing the art of dance!

For all of our class classes, regardless of the participant's level or objective, the passion and pleasure of dancing are the priority. Even if you come as an amateur once a week to our class open to all, you will experience the pleasure of dancing, progressing and developing your self-confidence.

Principals and head teachers

Founders and directors : Maggie Boogaart and Ghislain de Compreignac
International sponsor: Fernando Montano, former soloist with the Royal Ballet (UK)

It was in 2012 at the request of pre-professional students looking for training to prepare for auditions in dance companies that Maggie Boogaart and Ghislain de Compreignac organized a pre-professional teaching curriculum. They then created class for younger pre-professionals, starting at the age of 9.

Their passion is to pass on their art to young talents who will make the posters of tomorrow. Boogaart and Compreignac are respectively recognized by the Martha Graham School in New York and the Balanchine School of American Ballet in New York.

Maggie Boogaart

Maggie Boogaart has made a career as an international soloist in contemporary dance. Trained at the CODARTS Conservatory in the Netherlands, then graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School in London and the Martha Graham School in New York, she danced for numerous companies in New York, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. She founded her own company and was its choreographer and director for 16 years, while teaching for 12 years at the main conservatories in the Netherlands. Since 2010, she has settled in France where she obtained a double exemption of the State Diploma of Contemporary Dance Teacher for her reputation and experience. Boogaart continues her creations as an independent choreographer.

Ghislain de Compreignac

Ghislain de Compreignac made a career as a soloist with Ballet du Nord (repertoire Balanchine, directed by Alfonso Cata, ex-assistant to George Balanchine at New York City Ballet); he also collaborated with Maurice Béjart (creation of a pas de deux), and danced with Ballet Royal de Wallonie and several of France's leading companies, Ballet du Rhin, Ballet-Théâtre Français de Nancy, Ballet-Théâtre Joseph Russillo. After graduating in economics and political science and art history, he pursued a career in business, notably in the publishing, internet and consulting sectors. He holds the Diplôme d'Etat de professeur de danse classical ballet. He teaches master classes and sits on juries for international competitions.

Our vision: excellence, artistry, creativity

For pre-professionals
in an international atmosphere, with a very personalized approach


To train dancers of national and international level

The clear objective of the professional training is to train young dancers to succeed in auditions in France and internationally. To achieve this, different aspects are developed:
- a limited number of students, limited to 21 in all, to give daily individual attention to the students;
- the search for perfection and technical performance, always given to the artistic expression;
- the development of human qualities, communication, good professional practices;
- the knowledge of the artistic universe and companies at the world level.

Cross-training: classical ballet and contemporary-Graham

The teaching is based on the two great basic techniques: classical ballet and Graham (the basis of contemporary dance). The combination of these two complementary techniques gives today's dancers the richest technique to approach an international career with the great current choreographers. It allows to acquire a brilliant style, to increase one's virtuosity, creativity and experience on stage. In classical ballet, the technique taught is enriched by the knowledge of the Balanchine technique and the new scientific knowledge linked to intensive training.
Regular teaching includes flow/release/contact techniques and improvisation in contemporary dance.
Guest teachers, coming from different horizons, regularly bring other styles, techniques, and ways of working which enrich the students and improve their open-mindedness and capacity to adapt.


Artistic sense and interpretation

Technique without art is a dead letter. The artistic development of each student is paramount. It requires a perfect understanding of the many artistic subtleties of dance classical ballet and is accomplished through the interpretation of repertoire classical ballet , neo-classical ballet and contemporary work and creation.
The program allows you to:
- benefit from the experience and the technical and artistic reflection of teachers recognized for their artistic requirements, precision, virtuosity, speed and creativity
- discover the benefits of the combination of the great techniques (Russian, Balanchine, Graham)
- discover the repertoires of Martha Graham and George Balanchine and the great choreographers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.


The program teaches:
- choreographic composition
- improvisation
- music and choreographic analysis,
to prepare dancers to collaborate creatively with choreographers and to produce their own works.





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