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Subscriptions - cards - class per unit - payment

How to get the Paris Marais Dance School membership card?

It will be given to you free of charge in October if you have a subscription.

This card is also your membership card for the Association des Amis de Paris Marais Dance School.

This card allows you to get a 10% discount in some dance stores.

How do I know if there are still places available?

It's as simple as registering on the online registration platform (link Online registration).

If class or workshop is fully booked, you are automatically put on the waiting list.

class test drive - open house

Is it possible to do a class trial?

Outside of the open house, it is possible to do a class trial.

The class trial is free all year long for children.

The class trial is free in September for adults. The rest of the year, it costs the same as a normal class (22€).

It is not necessary to reserve for a class trial or to contact us.

Do you have open days?

OPEN HOUSE from SEPTEMBER 4 to 16, 2023: class FREE! *

During the open days from September 4 to 16, two free class per discipline for new participants!
Try out several disciplines, classical ballet, contemporary, tap, barre au sol, zen dance ..., within the limits of available places.
Come with your friends!


* class are FREE * : for new participants only
class Eveil, Initiation, Children, Teens, Adults, Pre-pros
See the SCHEDULING section for timetables.

Can I participate in a workshop if I am not registered with PMDS?

Yes absolutely, it is not necessary to be registered at class or to have already participated in it to participate in our workshops.

Dance - disciplines - ages - levels - participants

Do I need to give notice of absence?

YES if the participant is a minor, please notify the teacher directly on the class whatsapp group.

NO if the participant is over 18. If you can't come on the scheduled day, you can choose another day or time to replace it, as long as it's roughly the same level.

What are the differences between the Graham technique, the Release technique and Modern Fusion?

The Graham technique is an academic technique, the basic reference for most contemporary techniques. Training in this technique helps to develop self-confidence, provides strong energy and promotes self-expression.

The release technique appeared in the 1990s. It is characterized by very fluid passages on the ground and requires less technical knowledge; it is easily accessible.

The Modern fusion technique is a blend of contemporary and neo-classical ballet. A basic knowledge of classical ballet is required for this technique.

Access - transport - checkrooms - services - lost and found


26 boulevard de Sébastopol, 75004 Paris

Add the address to your contacts now!

The studios benefit from an exceptional location in the heart of Paris, right next to the Forum des Halles (RER and metro entrance) and the Centre Pompidou.



Châtelet (240m), lines 1, 4, 7, 11, 14

Rambuteau (350m), line 11

Les Halles (350m), line 4

Etienne Marcel (380m), line 4

Hôtel de Ville (400m), lines 1, 11


o Chatelet-Les Halles (250m), lines A, B, D


Lines 27, 38, 45, 47, 58, 67, 70, 74, 75, 76, 85, 96

Line 38 stops just ahead.


Parking Sébastopol, opposite

20 parking lots less than 400m away

Checkrooms - services - lost and found

Changing rooms

Separate men's and women's changing rooms.

Separate men's and women's toilets and showers.

In practice :

> All persons entering the premises (participants, children, parents) are asked to remove their shoes at the entrance and to leave their shoes, coat or umbrella where indicated.

> We recommend that you leave your bag in the checkroom, so as not to take anything into the dance studio.

Lost & Found

Nothing is lost, everything is found!

The lost and found cupboard is located in the vaulted reception room.

Services :

You'll enjoy :

o new, clean studios

o floors with Harlequin flooring and carpets, designed for dancing

o new separate M/F changing rooms with toilets and showers

o a waiting and rest room

o beverages

o dance films

o a sales outlet for dancewear

o an Internet connection.

Teacher recruitment

Our criteria:

PMDS only recruits teachers who have had a significant career on stage, with recognized companies and choreographers.

The D.E. - state diploma - is compulsory. Teaching experience must be convincing, and can be verified at class . Additional training is provided by the school.

We do not recruit teachers who simply have the D.E., but who do not have an important artistic career or who continue a career on stage in parallel.

We're looking for teachers with a passion for teaching, who can work as part of a team with their colleagues.

The specialties considered are exclusively: dance classical ballet, contemporary dance in one of the main techniques (Graham, Horton, Limon ...), Eveil and Initiation to dance.

Planning - schedules - calendar

2023-2024 - When are there STAGES?

Courses are scheduled during all school vacations.

Please consult the section TRAINING of this site.

2023-2024 - What are your closing days and holidays?

Outside of school vacations, PMDS is open every day from Monday to Sunday.

PMDS is closed:

- December 25, January 1, Easter (Sunday and Monday)

- May 1st and 8th (in 2024)

- Ascension Day (Thursday to Sunday inclusive)

- month of August

- public holidays that fall on a Monday or Friday.

School vacations :

Regular annual class courses do not take place during zone C school vacations
Courses are scheduled for all vacations.

2023-2024 - When do class end and resume during school breaks?

Health - medical certificate - treating injuries

Do I need a medical certificate?

‍Forchildren and teenagers, a medical certificate is required every year for annual registration, even in class year. The medical certificate must be provided within one month of online registration.
For courses, the certificate is not required.

For adults, no medical certificate is required.

Whatever the class and the age of the participant, the teacher can ask for a medical certificate if he/she considers it useful.

Dance outfits - stores

Where can I buy dance gear?


26 bd Sébastopol, 75004 Paris

On site at our premises, you can now find a selection of leotards, tights and slippers, including :

Eveil 4 and 5 years: branded white leotards with skirts (€20)

Initiation 6 and 7 years: pink leotards with skirts (20€)

Children, teens, adults: leotards (30€), tights (10€), slippers (18€).

All items are selected for their quality and competitive prices.


23 rue de la Pépinière, 75008 PARIS
(10% discount if you have a class card or proof of subscription with PMDS)


87 avenue des Ternes, 75017 Paris

99 rue de Rennes 75006 Paris

- for dance shoes and tap shoes:
SANSHA 52, rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris

- for tip selection:
FLASHDANCE 17 rue de la Pépinière, 75008 Paris

BLOCH Paris 34, rue du faubourg Saint-honoré, 75008 Paris


REPETTO Parisian stores

Dance outfits for adults ?

Dance classical ballet

  • Women : leotard with tights, ½ pointe or pointe shoes, bun, possibly a short skirt.
    No underwear: favor leotards reinforced at the upper bust; only if necessary, sports bra.
  • Men : leotard or fitted t-shirt with grey or black tights or an academic, ½ pointe shoes. Long hair tied back.
    Boys' underwear: kit/dance belt (Bloch brand, thick), compulsory for all class, rehearsals, shows.

 Contemporary Dance

  • Women : a leotard with tights or academic, barefoot
    No underwear: leotards reinforced at the upper chest; only if necessary, sports bra
  • Men: grey or black leggings, with a fitted t-shirt or academic, barefoot

All outfits must be plain, with no printed designs.

No makeup, or light makeup. No jewelry (watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants).

Children and teenagers dance outfits ?

Contemporary Dance:

A leotard or fitted t-shirt (for boys) with footless tights or an academic

The contemporary is practiced barefoot.

Dance classical ballet :

    For girls:
  • a leotard (see: outfit to know the model according to class ) + pale pink tights
  • pink half slippers (preferably canvas, Sansha or Attitude brand)
  • spikes (from 12 years old, only for class spikes): it is advisable to test different models (Bloch, Attitude, Flashdance stores)
  • skirt: short, matched with the leotard, only for shows (do not wear in class)
For the Boys:
  • A white leotard with gray tights and ½ point slippers to match the tights. Long hair tied back.

  Boys' underwear: kit/dance belt (Bloch brand, thick), mandatory for all class, rehearsals, shows.

No jewelry (watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants).

What to wear for a first class (children and adults)?

A t-shirt, leggings, socks.

- dance classical ballet : preferably ballet shoes.

- contemporary dance, floor barre: barefoot.

You can then purchase an outfit that is more in line with regular practice, listed on the Outfits page.

If you have any questions, please contact us!