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Studios - rentals


Studio 1 - Golovine

On the upper first floor

Studio 2 - Pearl Lang

On the first floor

Studio 3 - Dudley Williams

On the first floor

Reception and relaxation room

Sanitary, kitchen

Need a dance studio?

Our studios are available for rental at certain times, exclusively for the activities listed below.

class collectives + photo & video shoots

For quiet or silent activities, such as :

  • floor bar
  • yoga
  • Pilates
  • taichi
  • Photo and video shoots


  • dance classical ballet, contemporary, jazz: with moderate sound level

Hourly rates :

  • studio 1 - Golovine / 60m2 / capacity 18 students: €50 ex VAT (€60 inc VAT)
  • studio 2 - Pearl Lang / 60 m2 / capacity 18 students: €50 ex VAT (€60 inc VAT)
  • studio 3 - Dudley Williams / 25m2 / capacity 5 students: €25 ex VAT (€30 inc VAT)

class individuals

Maximum 3 people in the studio

  • dance classical ballet, contemporary, jazz
  • floor bar
  • yoga
  • Pilates
  • taichi

Hourly rates :

  • studio 1 - Golovine / 60m2 / 1 to 2 students: €25 ex VAT (€30 inc VAT)
  • studio 2 - Pearl Lang / 60 m2 / 1 to 2 students: €25 ex VAT (€30 inc VAT)
  • studio 3 - Dudley Williams / 25m2 /1 to 2 students: €20 ex VAT (€24 inc VAT)

Fashion shows

Quotation on request.

Please specify the number of people expected, the number of studios and rooms used, and the duration.

Excluded activities :

  • African dance
  • hip-hop, break dancing
  • heels
  • martial arts, wrestling, boxing
  • activities accompanied by musical instruments
  • music and singing rehearsals.

Equipment for each studio

  • Harlequin dance floor and lino
  • Bars and mirrors
  • Sound system: Bluetooth speaker available on site.
    Please keep sound levels to a minimum, otherwise you'll be disqualified immediately.
  • Reversible hot and cold air conditioning and VMC
  • Sanitary showers and separate toilets M/F
  • Separate M/F changing rooms.
  • Access to kitchen and reception area

Exclusive advantage: online reservations

>>> Simplify your life, lighten your administrative load!

We can schedule your class on our online booking platform. We pay you a small monthly fee for your sales.


  • Refunds in the event of cancellation: please give at least 48 hours' notice.
  • Any damage or noticeable soiling that is not cleaned will be invoiced in full, with a minimum charge of €50 excluding VAT.
  • For regular rentals, payment must be made monthly between the 1st and 5th of the month; after this date, the rental is no longer guaranteed.
  • For one-off rentals, payment must always be made before class, at least 48 hours in advance.
  • All participants must leave the premises within 20 minutes of class.
  • shoes and sneakers are not allowed on the premises: they must be placed on one of the shelves provided for this purpose. Dance studios may only be entered in ballet slippers, socks or bare feet.
  • Rosin is forbidden. Heels and dress shoes are forbidden.

Online reservations

Proceed directly to your reservation with online payment by following the instructions below: