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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

last changes May 20, 2023

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Some points to remember:

  • PMDS is the abbreviation for Paris Marais Dance School, the brand name for the SAS Paris Marais Dance School Conservatoire and professional training including the CHAD Initial Cycle and the Superior Cycle.
  • All class are taught in French, or in English if needed.
  • The class of awakening and initiation are accessible to the children from 4 to 7 years, the class of classic dance are accessible from the age of 8 years. Pointe can be practiced by girls from the age of 12, or a little earlier if authorized by the teacher. The class contemporary dance classes are accessible from the age of 8, and 14 for the Graham technique. The class advanced are accessible from the age of 15 and an advanced level.
  • A medical certificate is required for all minors participating in the annual class .
  • Any person participating in class certifies that they are not medically deemed dispensable by a qualified physician. In case of doubt, teachers may require a medical certificate.
  • The teachers reserve the right to refuse any person who does not correspond to the level or the image or the ethics of class and the group present. They may decide at any time to exclude from class a person whose behavior is likely to disturb the normal course of class.
  • As the level of students in each class is not always homogeneous, the teacher adapts the level of each class according to the students present; he/she can adapt the difficulty of the exercises by creating separate groups. Students accept that some exercises are not adapted to their level.
  • The school's teaching method incorporates the practice of many corrections essential to obtaining the correct postures. Teachers are required to have physical contact with students, within the bounds of propriety, which students and their parents accept.
  • It is the responsibility of each student and their parents, not PMDS, to purchase personal accident insurance.
  • PMDS disclaims any responsibility for minor children outside of the dance studios where children are with their teacher. It is the parents' responsibility to assess their degree of freedom or have them accompanied to each room at class.
  • When a participant suffers an injury, he/she should report it immediately to the teachers so that they can help determine what is needed for immediate care (arrange ambulance, notify his/her family...) or adjust the class program in case of minor injuries.
  • The management and the teachers cannot be held responsible for theft, loss or any material or physical damage caused or suffered by any person, including guests or accompanying persons.
  • Participants in class must change only in the locker rooms and not anywhere else.
  • The class are not public; no spectators will be admitted without permission from the teacher.
  • Parents and friends are welcome to attend the final course presentations.
  • The 35€ application fee is valid for the entire season from September to July.
  • To register for class and internships, it is essential to first consult the presentation of class and internships on the school's website
  • Registrations for class and courses are done online, with online payment by bank debit or credit card. Payments by Western Union, Moneygram, or others are not accepted. Vacation vouchers are not accepted.
  • Any workshop started is due, with no refund possible.
  • In case of force majeure (external, unforeseeable, irresistible event), causing an impossibility to make the class or a workshop, the school will try to ensure an alternative solution to ensure the continuity of class.
  • All dancers participating in class accept that the management or any person authorized by the management (journalist, photographer, filmmaker) may take photos and videos during class and give up their right to image. Any person who does not wish to accept this condition must simply inform the teacher before the beginning of the class.