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about Ghislain de Compreignac


Thank you Ghislain for all the right things you transmit through your classes. I found all the professionalism and humility of a demanding and humanly luminous dancer, and I can only encourage any dancer to come and share your work .....


I've just discovered Ghislain's new afternoon class. Here's a serious prof who has a great eye and infuses his classes with his love of dance and a sense of humor! The classes are demanding and very enjoyable at the same time.


A beautiful discovery this workshop Virtuosity, a very beautiful work in Martha Graham technique and succulent advices in class of classical ballet. A big thank you to the teachers for their listening and their precious advices !


M. de Compreignac mixes technical work and artistic expression, we leave having shared a real moment of dance, that's why I appreciate this class. The warm-up is efficient and gives way to a dancing environment, and always renewed. The atmosphere is excellent. Everyone receives personalized corrections! A class to adopt for those who want to progress and take on a new challenge.


Mr. Ghislain de Compreignac, is a wonderful example of a teacher who is commited, passionate and eager to make connections for the dancers. His classes are not only challenging but enjoyable and technically WONDERFUL! His positive energy coupled with his desire to help you be the best you can be, makes him a unique teacher.

Having literally stumbled upon Mr. Ghislain's class, I am so happy. His ballet class is one that I will miss!!! Also, as a foreigner, he spoke English in class for me, took time to get to know my dancer side, and invested his time, energy, knowledge and grace into me, although he knew I was only going to be with him for 10 days. Not many teachers or people would go this far and help you feel included and connected. Thank you!
I recommend his ballet class and Mrs. Maggie Boogaart's Graham class!!!!! Two of the best teachers I have encountered- but be ready to work and activate new muscles 🙂

Lauren Brim, former captain of the Rockets

Take this class!! Beautiful movement, lots of personal corrections and attention, and challenging combinations. My favorite class in a long time. Thanks, Ghislain!


Ghislain, by simplicity and naturalness, lets each one find his place and 'his food' within his class.


Michael Kopinsky, former soloist Royal Birmingham Ballet

What a wonderful class! I was visiting Paris for a few days and am so glad I found Ghislain. His class was great fun, but also challenging. I loved the combinations and my body felt great afterwards. Ghislain is a very attentive teacher, has a great eye for detail. I am inspired by his energy, enthusiasm and professionalism.


While over on a visit to Paris from the US I decided to try Ghislain's class. It was a wonderful experience. The class is structured so that the body is warmed up properly before going into quicker more advanced exercises, and then combinations in the center. His corrections are very helpful. If French isn't your first language, don't worry. He can easily switch from English to French. I will definitely take his class next time I am in Paris. I met Maggie Boogaart, and am looking forward to trying her floor barre class next time as well.


A teacher with a different look, fine corrections, timely, adapted, in French or in English...appreciable. A class to work on the technique for the dance classical ballet... of the 21st century.


I so enjoyed Ghislain's class. It was fun and difficult all at the same time. He's a very positive, attentive teacher. For someone who is just starting to learn French it was great to receive corrections in English from Ghislain. The class flowed nicely and I can't wait to take another.


First class with Ghislain enthusiastic! The atmosphere is relaxed and the body work is all the more enjoyable!


A class of quality, the corrections are precise and effective, the work of speed interesting, and thank you especially beyond the technique to teach us to be artists and to work with the rhythm and the music (and in good mood moreover!). I discovered a new way of looking at dance!


I had a very good workshop ! The class are very interesting, I improved a lot thanks to your corrections and your advice! In classical ballet I did things I didn't know I could do!!! It's a workshop to be advised!!! I will certainly come back during the year to your class, see you soon !



For this work in a very serene and human atmosphere, so rare nowadays: Thank you and all the best for the future.

Laurine Ristroph, ex-dancer of theOpéra de Parisand soloist of theEnglish National Ballet and the Royal Ballet of Sweden

Thank you Ghislain for these good moments and this beautiful team of the Rodin Museum and for your kindness and your generosity during all this adventure!


This show at the Rodin Museum, a great experience in a magical park. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot during one month.